I help 40yo+ Wise, Warrior Women in NSW and around the world...
 with a call to Governance 
to go from Fear and Confusion 
to FREEDOM and Confidence to Stand
Even if you have no experience or any idea how to start
 With Powerful Kingdom Training
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Invitation to join our Bravehearts Course & Community (Value:  > $5,997)

By the end of 12 week Bravehearts Course and Community, you will have an understanding of the urgency of the time we are in and how you can be activated to
  • Foundations:  To have increased confidence to Be Ready to Stand and Govern Wisely (from a kingdom perspective)
  • Family:  ​Be Ready for Anything - Protect Yourself and Your Family (Spiritually, Practically, with Health and Communications)
  • Finances:  Prosper as Your Soul Prospers (Understand and activate Financial, Emotional and Spiritual intelligences)
  • TransFormation:  ​Transform Cities & Nations where we all win, based on scripture
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Bonus #1:  Lifetime Access to Braveheart Challenge video content ($997 Value)

Bonus #2: e-copy of Ais and The Midas Touch

Bonus #3:  FREE Clarity Call with Catherine J ($150 Value)

Catherine J is an experienced trainer and consultant in Australia and around the world.
This call will help you identify your next best steps toward a worthwhile goal

Bonus #4:  Free access to 2022 Bravehearts Course via replay (value thousands)

12 Weeks Of Braveheart Course and Community + Bonuses Has A Total Value Of$5,997

I help 40yo+ Wise, Warrior Women in NSW and around the world...
 with a call to Governance
to go from Fear and Confusion
to FREEDOM and Confidence to Stand
Even if you have no experience or any idea how to start
 With Powerful Kingdom Training
Course Makeup
12 weeks:
 1 session per week of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours (live and/or replays available)
 Mixture of Teaching - could be lecture or workshop style & Spiritual / Kingdom Revelation - Tutorial style 

NEW content plus guest speakers to join

NEW mini-assignments to hold you accountable - allow minimum additional 1-2 hours per fortnight 

That is equal to...
  •  additional 12 hours content on top of 2022 40+ hours of course content    (Value of $5,997)    
Plus Awesome Bonuses
  •  Bonus #1 - Lifetime Access to Braveheart Challenge video content ($997 Value) 
  •  Bonus #2 - Free e-copy of  Ais and The Midas Touch 
  •  Bonus #3 - FREE Clarity Call with Catherine J ($150 Value)
  •  Bonus #4 - Free access to Bravehearts Course from 2022 (Value of $thousands)  
 Bravehearts Course and Community Access + Bonuses 
Has A Total Value Of  > $5,997
Join Bravehearts NOW...
For A One-Time Investment Of Only
10 year anniversary SALE only $497!!
Now is Your Time to Be Ready To Stand
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What I loved about the Braveheart Challenge is ...

“I really appreciate that Catherine taught me technology prayer … and made me open my eyes spiritually to other things I had not been looking for… We are women with brave hearts. We need to stand and we need to speak… The eye-opening awareness that there is another way, there is more and there are other women just like me, who are going through the exact same things that I’ve gone through.”
~Vera Cabais, Hawaii~

“It’s been such a privilege in this last week to walk with you (Braveheart Women Warriors) and to listen and learn with you… I am very grateful for this group. It really has been an eyeopener for me and how I see things… All the speakers were excellent. The greatest heart revelation was when Benji spoke. He talked about the revelation of how we are created so perfect and when God looks at us and how we should be teaching that God sees us in perfection and in His image… Even this challenge has been part of my purpose, part of my mission to learn what He has for me and how I can affect other people…”
~Judy Miller, Alaska~

“What I loved about the Braveheart Challenge is the way the spiritual and the physical world, it’s like there is hell on earth as well as heaven on earth… I love the prophetic words such as fortify, trust that My plans supercede any plans that any world powers could ever make, have faith that what we carry is what the world is groaning for because with unprecedented problems unlike anything we have ever seen before we need to have unprecedented solutions. It was like every word that proceeded out of the months of every speaker was if I was a V8 car and my engine wasn’t running too great. It was like I had new spark plugs and all cylinders were in full function.”
~Matarena Huata, New Zealand~

Biggest takeaway from Day 1 of Braveheart Challenge (introducing Imagineering 2 a Better World and the underlying four principles - See - Heart Money - Be Real... )

"Businesses will get breakthrough when you sing over them. It will release creativity and innovation in them. Bring them the melody of heaven – and KABOOM! Great growth!"
~Lynn Hare, Oregon, USA~
"Appreciated listening to innovation for a business breakthrough. Yes, we have to imagine our future and be aligned with God's abundance."
~Karen Paterson~


It addressed the ISSUES we're all impacted by GLOBALLY.
I wasn't sure what to expect, and I was blown away.
The SPEAKERS including CATHERINE has a SOUND PERSPECTIVE bringing both the SPIRITUAL & PHYSICAL world into what they were saying while bringing very practical solutions in a way that INFLUENCE CULTURE and have a GREATER IMPACT on the world.
It was POWER and FIRE from beginning to end.
Catherine herself is INCLUSIVE and invited myself and Hikairo as the INDEGENIOUS peoples and invited us to korero, kanohi ki te kanohi.
She had PROPHETIC WORDS that I have heard more so in the past few years, about AUSTRALIA (Where she resides) and NEW ZEALAND.
It was confirmation for me in so many ways and more.
When I was notified to join I sensed in my SPIRIT to JUMP...So blessed I did."
~Matarena Huata, New Zealand~

Bravehearts Course & Community
What is your key takeaway from the entire experience?

" The urgency of the times to step up into our calling, make a difference not with fear but grace and love."
~Holly Sweat Raper, USA~

"I am a citizen of the kingdom of God."
~Judy Miller, Alaska~

On just one of the four aspects of the course...

"My takeaway is to go deeper in the principals of the kingdom and walk in them. The veil has been removed."
~Judy Miller, Alaska~

What advice would you give to someone considering this course and community?
" The need to open our eyes and not be complacent. 
 We can’t wait for change. We have to be the change."
~Holly Sweat Raper, USA~

" If you want to grow in your calling"
~Judy Miller, Alaska~

Do you feel this course is still of value in replay format?
" Absolutely"

" Yes, refreshing. Ability to see you can make a difference"

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